Great Northern
Tree Service

Owner/Operator: Cameron Reimer
P.O. Box 1595 Woodruff, WI USA 54568
(715) 358 - 3138

Free Estimate • Fully Insured
Work done to National Arborist specifications


Founded in 1996, Great Northern Tree Service is a certified arborist company based out of Woodruff, Wisconsin providing tree services for residential and business clientele in Wisconsin's northern Lakeland area. Our experts are licensed and trained to the highest standards.

Services range from tree trimming and cabling to tree removal, stump grinding, and lot clearing. Our team is ready to assist you whatever the occassion, whether you're taking safety precautions by eliminating dangerous tree limbs near your home, preparing for - or in the throes of - landscaping or clearing a lot, or you simply need help after a destructive storm. At Great Northern Tree Service, we're only a phone call away.

Our state-of-the-art machinary provides our workers access to virtually any area, with minimal disruption to lawns and landscaping. The machine pictured here is a Teupen Portable Lift which affords our team a variety of approaches to and from the trickiest work-sites, limiting our impact on the surrounding environment.

We also offer free estimates, so contact us today at ( 715 ) 358 - 3138.

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