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P.O. Box 1595 Woodruff, WI USA 54568
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Land Improvement

Tree services can markedly increase a property's value, but these opportunities are often overlooked by those preparing to sell homes or cottages. Even minor modifications can have a tremendous impact by improving a property's all-important first impression.

Applying tree trimming techniques to trees surrounding a house can open up the yard and provide sunlight to flower beds and gardens. Utilizing selective logging processes in woods adjacent to a cottage creates the option of installing a private gazebo along a newly-created footpath. Strategic tree removal eliminates unsightly dead wood and dangerous overhanging limbs, and permits younger saplings to flourish in their place.

Create level sections of open space through stump grinding procedures which obliterate unwanted and hazardous tree stumps. Even a simple gesture such as spreading fresh wood chips can pay immediate dividends by highlighting the natural beauty of the lot.

Open up your gardens and flower beds to warm sunlight, spring showers, and eye-pleasing inhabitants!

Great Northern Tree Service is ready to help you improve your land. We're just a phone call away at ( 715 ) 358 - 3138.

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