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Lot Clearing

"Lot clearing" is the removal of brush and small trees from fields and lots. No matter what kind of tree, no matter how big or small, and no matter how plentiful, our crews can handle the job. We can help clear a path or prepare an entire lot for construction.

Great Northern Tree Service takes careful precautions when removing trees near buildings, such as houses, workshops, and gazebos. Dangerous limbs and trunks are roped and slowly lowered after the cut is made, thereby ensuring their safe removal. Afterward we can eliminate stumps and dispose of all debris.

This is a dangerous process and should only be done by experienced professionals. Great Northern Tree Service crews are removal specialists; we have the knowledge and skills necessary to safely remove damaged or dead branches and trees.

In the images shown here, an entire section of woods is removed, stumps and all, to make way for a brand new home. A healthy forest remains on the perimeter for privacy, while young saplings are strategically planted to provide shade in the future as they grow.

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